About Me

My name is Vivek Naskar. I am a Software Developer from India and I work for a Multi-National Company. I started working in IT in 2015. Initially, I started this developer journey at a small startup with PHP. But later on in time, I was quite fascinated while learning about Java and the fact that more than 3 billion devices run Java and all the major enterprises use Java in some way or the other was enough to keep me intrigued, which motivated me to switch companies where I would learn more about Java and its frameworks.

I have also worked with various other programming languages, frameworks and cloud technologies, such as PythonJavaScript, jQuery, Angular, DockerKubernetes, etc., to name a few. Cloud computing is also one of my bucket list technologies to learn and, fortunately, I have worked on applications that have been deployed to Google Cloud’s IaaS VM instances (Compute Engine). I have a certificate for Google Cloud’s Associate Cloud Engineer.

I am quite interested in learning about open source technologies as well and I watch lots of YouTube videos, read tons of blogs and follow lots of great Instagram profiles that keep me motivated every day. 

In my free time, I love to watch sports (mostly soccer & cricket), travel, go on hikes, read books, watch the latest sci-fi/fantasy movies and TV shows, and keep up with world news. I also love reading and studying the stock markets and crypto markets.

I have created this blog for the sole intention of keeping track of my developer journey over time – whatever I am thinking about or working on and also for my passion for writing and telling stories. Hence the name, thedeveloperstory, as I believe every developer has a story. I believe the best way to learn something is to share knowledge and get feedback. This is a personal blog where I will share news about tech, experiences of my journey, tutorials, etc. Sometimes, I would also share some random thoughts about life.

Welcome aboard!

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