Time… Your Enemy or Ally?

How much importance does time and space hold in your life? It’s true ‘time and tide waits for nobody’, but does that mean you should be defined by them?

Many of us feel we were born in the wrong place at the wrong time or at least either of the two. Is it because we could have had a better life if we could alter it?

But would it have changed your life entirely? Or by a mere fraction due to the centennial differences in atmosphere and industrial growth?

Would you let time decide something for you in your life? Could you just let it happen and call it destiny?

Would you not want to travel back in time, if something you wanted doesn’t occur? Or curse time for the bad things it led you to?

We cannot control time either. The only way we can get hold of time is to get hold of our self and apply it according to the time available.

We cannot choose the time and space of our birth. But what we can do is, choose where to spend the living days of ours in the way we want. If not you, who can decide it for you?

Each and every second of time is a repetition of the previous instances, but we don’t let it repeat with our actions or with constant changes.

Fate and destiny, are two words we turn to when time strikes us with unwanted blows. You may not be able to control everything, but the things you can control can create the environment you want to live in.

Time an enemy, an ally or just a coincidence? At many difficult times in your life, time would have helped you heal the deepest wounds.

Random it may occur, but then would it fit your reckoning? Or to be more precise; would you fit in that abstraction by so-called fate?

Call time a passing fancy and observe the patterns, you can understand it. You cannot alter it but you can learn to embrace it.

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2 thoughts on “Time… Your Enemy or Ally?

  1. True.. Time stops for none.


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