Your Developer Story?

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Hello there! This being the first post of the blog,  I will be discussing all the possibilities that are going to happen if you stick around with me.

  1. You will be a part of our discussions on the burning technologies
  2. You will know regarding various topics, ideas, and programming languages, and other technologies.
  3. The most important point. You will be addicted to the blog.

This blog is especially for the nerds and geeks like you who have decided to come to the site. Especially aimed for the programmers who are starting out or learning to code but are amazed (and confused), seeing the plethora of information available to them on the internet.

As Martin Fowler rightly said,

Any Fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers can write code that humans can understand.”

Are you ready with your developer story?

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