October 2020

Just Turn On The Lights

We outgrow things. Clothes, habits, and even ideas. Like the other day, I was thinking about what to write next. Then life happened. Our overall experience in life and in simpler terms, our age, most decides when we outgrow things. But sometimes, we need to get rid of stuff that doesn’t contribute to our own […]

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Nokia Moves Data Centers To Google Cloud

Finland based telecommunications company, Nokia announced that the company signed a 5-year strategy agreement with Google under which Nokia will move its on-premises IT infrastructure to Google Cloud. Nokia has started moving its global data centres, servers and software applications onto Google Cloud, a process that’s expected to continue for the next 18 months to

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GitHub has replaced ‘master’ with ‘main’

The Microsoft-owned coding site GitHub has dropped the term “master” from its systems on its service with a neutral term like “main” to avoid any unnecessary references to slavery to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. GitHub repositories are where developers and organizations store and synchronize their source code projects. Approximately, 50 million developers use GitHub around

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