How to Write a High-Ranking Blog?

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Are you one of those who are tired to rank your article? You want to write interesting articles on a subject you love, but you are not getting the kind of views you desire. Well, you are also well aware of the fact that the more number of views means more visitors, means more traffic, means more ads, means more chances of making money.

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First Ever Blogging

In the year of 1994, a college undergrad, Justin Hall created the world’s first blog, which also laid the foundation of many blogs after that. Blogs have evolved since then. As of 2020, there are more than 600 million blogs and about 2 billion blog posts are published every year. Well, that’s quite a number!

What is the secret sauce?

Well, blogging is not that easy as it may seem. It is work that involves your time and dedication. Anyone can be a blogger. But to be a successful blogger, you need to be very consistent and you need to choose your topics based on your target audience. You need to find your niche topics and relevant keywords.

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Well, if you type “technology behind Spotify wrapped” in Google, you would be shown my blog on the first page itself.

The search result shows my blog on the first page.

Another method is to answer some questions in Quora or Reddit and try to plug in your blog post in some way or the other. A quick search on Quora with the keyword “technology” reveals that people are keen on reading about the most niche technology. Then you can create a blog post about it.

The Plan

I write articles just as a hobby. I have a day job. So technically, I am not dependent on my blog money. But I am fortunate enough to know some full-time bloggers who have shared their secret plans. Yeah, it requires full attention in perfecting your dream blog.

Plan your 100 days with one thing in mind that you are not going to earn a single penny in these 100 days. You have to write 100 blogs on these 100 days.

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Easy? Not really! You would have to research the topics to write 100 SEO-optimized articles. Given that, you would be soulfully dedicated, you would be able to achieve this. Believe me, when I say, I have seen people doing that. You need to brainstorm and research high-traffic keywords. Great content gets linked to a lot, on both social media and blogs, but only if people can find it in the first place. Keyword research is all about finding keywords that get the most searches in Google. For this, you can opt for any of the free SEO tools mentioned in this blog.

Now your mission is to get 10 views in each article. You can achieve 10 visitors in each article.

You do the Math:

100 articles ×10 visitors = 1000* views (daily)
1000 views × 30 days = 30,000* views (monthly)

Now, you can make 100$ each month if your niche is of high CPC keywords such as loan, banks, movies, designing etc. Well, if your niche is technology, then you would need 60,000 visitors to achieve the 100$ each month.

How to promote blog posts and gain visitors?

You can promote any of the below websites.

  1. Quora
  2. Google Question Hub
  3. YouTube
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Medium
  6. Reddit
  7. StackExchange (mostly used by programmers)
  8. LinkedIn

Google loves fresh content. Also, you can fix broken links and improve the user experience while updating your content. As your previous SEO data is stored, such as page visits or CTR, it is easier to boost an updated blog post on Google rather than writing a new one from scratch.

The Last Word

Writing blogs is therapeutic for me and I wish to dedicate more time so that I can write more often. But all I can say is I get a kick when my blog post is published for the world to see. Just wanted to conclude that Getting Traffic is a marathon and not a sprint.

You have to be patient and consistent in your blog posts. You must have that excitement always within you. Like I mentioned earlier, you would not earn anything in your initial days. Don’t give up. Just remember why you started.

Looking forward to reading your blog post. Wish you all the best!

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