Every JavaScript Developer Should Know These 7 GitHub Repositories

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If you are a new developer, chances are that you must have started your development journey with JavaScript as your programming language using coding boot camps like freeCodeCamp or from any popular YouTube channel such as Traversy Media or Net Ninja. On the other hand, if you have been programming for a while, then you must have started with any of the C-family programming languages, but then you must have also used JavaScript (at least once) in your project.

JavaScript is known as the “language of the web” since its popularity has soared since the Node.js release. The “JavaScript everywhere” paradigm integrates all web application development around JavaScript. This is for both server-side and client-side development.

Recently, when I was working on some requirements where I needed to use JavaScript, I found some of the incredible GitHub repositories that are interesting and useful. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of repositories that will help you learn and improve as a JavaScript developer.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Repo Link:https://github.com/trekhleb/javascript-algorithms
Stars: 115k
Forks: 19k

Oleksii Trekhleb, a Senior Software Engineer at Uber, has created this repository. He also maintains it. This was the first JS repo that I have starred. It provides examples of common algorithms and data structures in JS. It has a README file for each algorithm and data structure, translated into many languages. This README file has plenty of explanations and resources.

Clean Code JavaScript


Repo Link:https://github.com/ryanmcdermott/clean-code-javascript
Stars: 54.6k
Forks: 6.9k

Robert C. Martin’s book, Clean Code is the source for software engineering principles, is stored in the repo. Well, not every principle described here must be followed; there is no compulsion, and even fewer will be accepted. These are guidelines, but they are ones that the book’s writers have formalised through many years of combined experience.

Awesome JavaScript


Repo Link:https://github.com/sorrycc/awesome-javascript
Stars: 25k
Forks: 3.6k

This repository contains a collection of JS libraries, frameworks, templating engines, articles, etc.



Repo Link:https://github.com/wesbos/JavaScript30
Stars: 16.2k
Forks: 19.3k

Wes Bos, a Full-Stack Developer, created this repo for his popular course ‘JavaScript30’. In this course, he created 30 JavaScript challenges for 30 days. This repo contains all the code he does for the challenges. The best part is that any developer can access the course for free in JavaScript30.

The Algorithms — JavaScript


Repo Link:https://github.com/TheAlgorithms/Javascript
Stars: 11.7k
Forks: 2.1k

The repository is dedicated to the algorithms implemented in JavaScript. If you want to deep dive into algorithms with JS as your programming language of choice, then this repo is for you.

GitBookIO — Javascript


Repo Link:https://github.com/GitbookIO/javascript
Stars: 2.4k
Forks: 799

This repo is a book that will teach you the fundamentals of programming as well as Javascript. Everyone who wants to learn JavaScript programming should definitely check out this.

Javascript : Test-Driven Learning


Repo Link:https://github.com/MartinChavez/Javascript
Stars: 663
Forks: 117

This repository was discovered by accident when I saw one of my coworkers browsing this when she was creating test cases.

Note: The stars and forks count may change when you are reading this article.

For many years, several projects and programming languages or frameworks are learned from GitHub. I hope you find these repositories useful and make use of them to grow as a JavaScript developer.

I had a lot of fun making the list. I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon some more amazing repositories.

Happy Learning! Happy Coding!