5 Superb GitHub Repos That Every Java Developer Must Know About

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Since the last decade, there has been enormous growth with a number of programming languages being created and used in developing projects. However, every language has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For developing enterprise applications, Java is still the most preferred programming language among developers and programmers.

Java has some powerful weapons in its arsenal, including high performance, strong memory management, and high security. It also has one of the most mature developer communities in the world. In fact, as of today, Java is the second most popular tag only after JavaScript on StackOverflow.

The tags on StackOverflow demonstrate a topic’s popularity, Java is the 2nd popular tag

Personally, I have been programming in Java for over 6 years now and from what I have learned, bigger organizations prefer performance and security in their web applications, which Java is recognised for. It is used to create software for a variety of platforms. It is a statically typed programming language, which allows it to run quicker than other languages such as Python or JavaScript. The language is simple and straightforward to write. The best thing about Java is that it is machine-independent.

With that in mind, I’ve created a list of GitHub repositories that I found quite useful and that would be of great benefit to any developer, whether seasoned or a newbie, in his quest to learn the language.

Java Design Patterns

Repo Link:https://github.com/iluwatar/java-design-patterns
Stars: 69.3k
Forks: 21.6k

This repo contains solutions to Java Design Patterns created by open-source programmers and architects with extensive expertise. The patterns can be viewed by reading their high-level descriptions or by inspecting their source code. The source code examples are well documented and may be viewed as programming lessons for implementing a certain pattern. This repo contains the most widely used and battle-tested open-source Java technology.

The Algorithms — Java

Repo Link:https://github.com/TheAlgorithms/Java
Stars: 39.8k
Forks: 13.1k

This repository, as the name implies, contains algorithms written in Java. It also includes Gitpod.io, a free online development environment that allows you to modify and execute code in seconds. Learning algorithms is an essential aspect of every software developer’s job, and Java developers are no different.

Awesome Java

Repo Link: https://github.com/akullpp/awesome-java
Stars: 29.4k
Forks: 6.4k

This repository contains a handpicked collection of great Java frameworks, libraries, and applications. As I frequently use Java in my enterprise projects, this was one of the first sources I bookmarked. This repo is a goldmine for aspiring Java developers.

Baeldung Tutorials

Repo Link:https://github.com/eugenp/tutorials
Stars: 26.9k
Forks: 43.3k

Eugene’s blog, Baeldung, is one of the most visited blogs in the world and he has published over 1200+ blogs to date, according to alexa.com. This GitHub repository contains lots of short and targeted tutorials on the topic of Java and Spring programming. It also contains the link to the instructional article where the code is described in further detail.

Modern Java — A Guide to Java 8

Repo Link:https://github.com/winterbe/java8-tutorial
Stars: 14.9k
Forks: 3.6k

The release of Java 8 was a game-changer for the language and its developer community. Among other things, it introduced the object-oriented Java language to the world of functional programming. These features have significantly increased performance, simplified development processes, and made Java more efficient

This repository provides numerous short and helpful code snippets of functional programming principles presented in a clear and accessible manner. This repository will be extremely useful if you are new to Java functional programming.

For many years, GitHub has been regarded as one of the finest sites to learn. I hope you find these Java repositories useful and make use of them. I’m sure you also might have come across some other incredible repositories. 

Note: The stars and forks count may change when you are reading this article.

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