Twitter Is Now X, The ‘New’ All-Purpose Social Media Platform

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The last few months have been quite eventful for Twitter. From becoming a public company to becoming privately owned, the company went from losing advertisers from the platform to the $8 blue badge fiasco. Users of Twitter have seen everything.

Well, Elon Musk is revamping Twitter, or rather, we should call it X. Yep, that’s right, the bird app is now called X.

The bird app that has an impact on the world because of its sheer dominance over other apps, simply because of its reach and ability to be used by anyone and everyone.

Big corporations, celebrities, and even government bodies around the world use the platform to announce or reach out to the public. The decision to change the name Twitter to X sounds like a deliberate attempt to kill the brand.

But again, Elon’s going to do what Elon’s going to do!

Elon tweeted X before rebranding Twitter, letting his followers know what was coming

Well, on 24th July, he did exactly that. The platform’s logo changed from the blue bird to this black and white X.

We all knew Elon had a soft spot for the letter X. No?

1. He did launch the popular Tesla Model X, the SUV that popularly uses a falcon wing door for the passenger access.
2. He founded SpaceX, the private spacecraft manufacturing and rocket launches provider company.
3. He named his newborn son as X Æ A-12, which I cannot pronounce, but you can see the below video.

Ever since Elon took over the platform, he has expressed the desire to change it to “everything app”. He envisions X as the jack of all trades, like the American WeChat, the ultimate destination for messaging, social media, gaming, shopping, and payments.

That’s a big gamble, but Elon has been known to take risks to get his company to where it is right now. He has taken on the challenge of making this loss-making microblogging platform a profitable one.

Think about it: if this works out, Elon will be praised for revolutionizing tech yet again. Time will tell if this move will turn the tides in his favour or not.