NVIDIA Is Suffering From Success Despite Being One Of The Most Valuable Companies

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Since AI has become so big that it is changing every industry, Nvidia stocks have grown a lot, especially in recent years.

Jensen Huang, the president and CEO of Nvidia, has become some sort of hero in the technology space, where almost every week he is seen giving interviews at either tech conferences or news channels.

Nvidia has done well over the last few years. They have been fulfilling the demands of GPUs in almost all the major cloud and AI companies all around the world. This has resulted in their stock options jumping more than 3000% over the past 5 years.

So where’s the issue?

Well, the employees who joined the company five or more years ago are millionaires now. This is all thanks to their stock options appreciating over this period. Several mid-level managers made over $1 million a year.

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The stock-rich millionaires are reportedly working in “semi-retirement” mode, as they are simply less motivated to work as hard as they used to.

When asked about this, Huang expressed his concern and advised all of his employees to act as CEOs of their own time and respect the company’s work ethics.

Andrej Karpathy, the former Tesla director, on the contrary, said that not many people held their stock options at Tesla and Nvidia for longer. He also added that the government takes back half.

Nvidia has only been among the top three companies that have crossed $3 trillion in total market valuation. As of this writing, it is the second most valued company after Microsoft, with Apple in the third position.

The company has done immensely well in the shortest possible time frame, and their exponential growth is justified, but having problems like employees not working as hard as expected is just too funny to not talk about.

I am pretty sure that these are “not big concerns” for a huge company like Nvidia. They have been pioneers of accelerated computing to tackle challenges no one else can solve. That makes them valuable.

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