50 Linux Commands That Every Developer Must Know

Linux is one of the most popular operating systems for servers, mobile phones, supercomputers, and personal machines. The fact that it is open-source and completely free is what makes it separate from other operating systems. What started as a hobby by a college student, soon became a revolution in the world of information technology. You …

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Advantages of Using Docker!

Docker has been used in lots of projects and all kinds of people talking about it. But why Docker is being used? Before trying to judge the usefulness, you should get to know the most important elements and tools around the Docker ecosystem when getting started. Some of the top tech companies like Google, Amazon …

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Different Kinds of IT Jobs!

Having been working in an IT industry for a while, I have come to a realization that all IT jobs are not created equal. Even a computer grad student gets to work in different kinds of jobs in technology. Here are few categories it can be divided into. Software Developer / Application Developer / Computer …

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