The Best Lessons I Learned From Bruce Wayne

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Batman has always been an epitome of a role model, someone who has had a tough journey but continues to execute change and empower everyone alike. Though it is a fictional comic character, no one can deny the amount of influence the Caped Crusader has over the people since its first appearance in 1939.

Though there have been many write-ups for Batman about his fearlessness and determination, I wanna talk about his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, which according to me is one of the best alter ego characters ever written.

To Achieve Your Goals, You Must Be Willing To Sacrifice

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Image by Warner Bros.

The first thing Bruce Wayne taught me that is that to achieve your goals in life, you must be willing to sacrifice. Bruce Wayne has sacrificed his wealth and trained several years to fight injustice. He sacrificed his love in fear of putting his loved ones at risk. He did all this knowing he would never get recognition for his actions. It’s easy to make choices with no consequences, and harder to make choices knowing that one wrong move can put the lives of your loved ones at risk.

Embrace Fear And Overcome It

Photo by Marcin Lukasik on Unsplash

Everyone is afraid of something. All creatures fear. Even the mighty Batman is afraid of putting his loved ones in risk, and not just bats. We’re all afraid of something, but the real test is going on with our lives despite the fear. Bruce struggled to make choices that would harm either one of his personalities as Bruce Wayne and Batman. He embraced his fears and made his enemies share his dread. He made fear, his ally.

Discipline Is The Solution Of Your Struggles

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Image by Warner Bros.

Last but not the least, the most important lesson. Struggles in life are inevitable. Bruce Wayne may not come from Krypton, can fly or have any mutational superpowers, but at the end of the day, he’s a hero. Bruce Wayne is an average man just like you and me. His heart can be broken. He struggles as many people do. He struggles in making choices that are good for him and what’s good for Batman. He struggles with his true identity. Is his true face that of Bruce Wayne the billionaire playboy, or a vigilante who fights injustice? We all struggle with our identity. We create different identities for our parents, friends and coworkers. Well, you don’t need any superpowers, all you need is sheer determination, rock-solid discipline and Rocky Balboa’s willpower.

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