Nokia Moves Data Centers To Google Cloud

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Finland based telecommunications company, Nokia announced that the company signed a 5-year strategy agreement with Google under which Nokia will move its on-premises IT infrastructure to Google Cloud. Nokia has started moving its global data centres, servers and software applications onto Google Cloud, a process that’s expected to continue for the next 18 months to 24 months. Nokia expects complete migration by Fall 2022. 

Google Cloud is the third-largest cloud service provider in the world. Nokia is the latest in a string of customer wins for Google Cloud. Earlier in August, Google Cloud announced that they have finished migration for Major League Baseball’s data warehouse from its Teradata-based on-premises servers to Google BigQuery. This is indeed a big deal! 

The migration, which began in May 2019, proceeded without a hitch and was completed by November of that year, according to the organization, enabling MLB to realize numerous benefits that include simplifying its data architecture, lower costs, better performance and fewer operational overheads.

Nokia has also trusted Google Cloud as its cloud partner. Ravi Parmasad, Nokia’s VP of Global IT infrastructure, said the company is moving to Google Cloud as part of a “digital transformation path that is about fundamentally changing how we operate and do business.” Google Cloud said it will “deploy strategic systems integrators, solutions specialists and engineers to ensure a smooth and stable migration.”

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