How I Defeated Google At Its Own Game

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Last Sunday, I spent some minutes trying to ask a few questions that Google couldn’t answer, in an attempt to challenge its algorithm. Of course, in the process, I was pushing my own ability to frame complex, unpredictable questions till I finally succeeded. This omnipresent and nearly omniscient search engine was able to process answers from its database for most of my questions. It was getting challenging as I was getting impatient.

But, the question I finally manage to confuse it with, and not get a correct answer to was “Which is the best intelligence?” 

The screenshot was taken by the Author

Of course what I wanted to do was to read up on research articles that compared different kinds of intelligence: machine, analytical, historical, emotional and so on. Instead of answering this question on intelligence, what did Google do? It picked up the word ‘intelligence’ and gave me an entire set of all the intelligence agencies from around the world.

We all have seen the technological advancements we as humans have achieved for the last 20 years. But, this exercise of mine reaffirmed that only we, as a race, are capable of nuances, of emotions, of understanding and addressing layers and intricate questions. And no matter how hard we try, how committed our scientific efforts to revolutionize machine and artificial intelligence, there will always be the element of emotions — their ecstasy and chaos — that sets human beings apart. This is why I was able to stump Google.

Of course, a few other living species too came close to us, but as we evolved over centuries, we left them far behind. It is a blessing that we use and misuse. We misuse it when we abuse our emotions when we get carried away in their torrent, instead of appreciating and being aware of them. As they say, we can never let our emotions take control. It is natural experiencing the whole range of emotions but perhaps we find peace when we find the perfect balance between all, not letting one overrule the other. But this takes both time and patience.

Thank you for reading!