Reminiscing The Old days & How I Miss Them

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To me, the glory days were my time in high school. Every day seemed to go by really fast. And even though I didn’t think much at the time and wanted it to be over, I now think back and wish I could get that time back, relive those moments. I wish I had enjoyed them the way I should have and in the way, I think of them now, with the people I loved. I remember arguing with my mom about her not letting me stay over at my friend’s place where everyone was gathering for the night. I remember having no school spirit, just lazing through the football practice sessions simply because I didn’t feel like trying hard that day. I remember all the things I took for granted.

Now I am working in one of the multi-national companies doing what I love the most, coding. But, what if there was more, a little more. Then I think to myself, am I making the most of what I am blessed with? That is when I realized the fact that I rarely try to count the blessings I am granted every day. All those sacrifices my parents have made to give me and my sister a life millions of others just dream of, I am so very grateful to them.

I believe that glory lies in the realization that there is so much more to what we have and what we can achieve through the things we’re already around us. We rarely utilize the things we already have to step up, be better, and be unique, but think of what we don’t have. You, where you stand right now is an avenue of so many infinite possibilities and opportunities. Just step up and make use of it. Make your dreams come true, achieve glory through what you are blessed with.

Just remember to be better, to be glorious, to be unique.