Welcoming 2021 With New Goals

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This is my first article of 2021 and I just wanted to write something being an introvert myself, when my friends and my relatives have been partying in clubs, celebrating the “New Year Party”. Well, last year too, they celebrated, then 2020 happened. By the way, it’s 4 am now when I am typing this article from my part of the world. Just a random thought, time-zones are so crazy eh! Australia gets to welcome the new year way before the United States.

I have always been a believer in doing things than preaching it before. Hence, I never had a new-year resolution ever. I would suggest you not to have one. Every year many people do make promises of becoming fit, they take the gym membership card and start hitting the gym as well. But then by February, the passion slowly fades away, the drive is lost. How do I know?

Because I am always one of them.

The past year has been tough for me and my family. In fact, it’s been tough for so many families. A lot of good lives are lost due to some freaking virus. Who would have thought this in this 21st century? I always think about the families and closed ones of the lost. I have too lost some friends, and it’s excruciating to describe the feeling, to be honest. I know you guys can relate.

Hence, you should set goals and try to achieve them this year. Goals that you can be proud of. Goals that may not necessarily look good on your Instagram feed, but must bring some meaningful change in your life. Even if you fail, you learn something out of it. Something about yourself. Your weaknesses, your limitations, your strength, etc. Goals that give you purpose that you are alive in 2021. I have made some goals for myself. I am planning to achieve them. I may fail, but I will try anyway. However, I am not going to declare the goals like I did last year 😂. I have made a list in a journal that I maintain and I would write about it once I achieve those goals.

I can only hope 2021 brings joy and happiness to all of us. I hope the events this year is inversely proportional to those of last year (the bad ones I mean). Everyone should smile and everyone should be happy this year. We deserve it, god damn it!

Disclaimer: Writing this article was not at all planned. Read at your own discretion. This article is not perfect and it is not meant to be anyways. I just wrote it what I was feeling, you know the bitter-sweet one.

Wish you a very happy 2021!

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