Memories Never Fade Away No Matter What

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Most, if not all of us, go to reunion parties, familial homes and to the old schools and colleges that we studied in. The sight of a parent, teacher, and friends ignite our hearts with memories of comfort and joy. We all say this, “I wish I could go back to those times.” We yearn to swim in that old river, or sit between our loving parents, to hear the faithful and sometimes funny entreaty of our teachers, to walk with those friends through the places and times that we ran through not knowing how valuable the time we were having then was.

Faces that we will never forget, things that excited our senses, that beheld us for a moment with awe, which never will fade from memory. That I think is the simple reason some memories are forever. That power to excite remembrance is, in fact, the appeal that it has to our senses. These somehow become clogs in our soul, wings that lift the mind in contemplation. I think it’s foolish to deny the place of sentiment in human life. be it the memory that spells happiness or pain. Still, what would life be without sentiment, feeling, pure poetic impulse, the simplest of gestures, are all of these not kindled by human memories?

Never allow memories to fade away. Be it any. All handshakes are not the same; there is a kiss only a mother can give; there is a blessing only a father can bestow; there is boundless compassion only a brother can supply; there is a fellowship that lasts and is sustained by love most eloquent even in silence. We break down experiences with intellectual processes. We must let these experiences grow our heart in small ways, every day, by a way quite its own.