7 Life Lessons My Parents Taught Me

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One thing I can assure you that you’ll agree with me. We can never repay our parents for whatever they have done for us. How can we? There is no measure after all. They have supported us through thick and think. I am sure I am not alone about what I am saying or feeling. They have always been there for me mentally, physically and emotionally. They have taught me lessons that I think it is worth sharing.

You can’t find happiness without purpose.

My father always used to tell me when I was growing up is that the greatest moments in life should include “figuring out your purpose” as one of them. I understood this very late. Purpose in life gives birth to clarity and self-discipline. Without it, the happiness equation is incomplete. Happiness is the combination of good health, family, financial freedom and purpose.

Everything takes time.

My mother is a great believer in this. I think every successful person would agree on this as well. There is no truth in the phrase “an overnight success”. If a person on YouTube becomes famous because of one viral video, his/her years of content creation, video-editing should also be highlighted.

It takes time to become who you want to become. It takes time to learn deep focus and mindfulness. It takes time to find a meaningful purpose. It takes time to be at peace with yourself.

Do not react. Respond.

Much of our lives are spent in reaction to others and events around us. We react without giving it a second thought. It’s a gut reaction, fueled mainly by fear and insecurities. There will always be external events that bother us. Be mindful. Pause, then consider a thoughtful, compassionate response.

Efforts beat unfocused talent.

When I was growing up, I always used to crib about other people who were more gifted and talented. I often used to curse myself for not being talented. But that is not there in our hands. Consistency of efforts beats unfocused talent. You only need to be right once, and it somehow often happens after a decade of efforts. Hence, be impatient with your efforts. Be patient with your growth.

Read, write and meditate.

Your mind is your greatest asset. Being wealthy, being smart, being confident. They all involve the peace of mind. Read books to expand the mind. Write journals, and articles to clarify the mind. Meditate in an open peaceful space to heal the mind.

Remember your death.

This might be a weird point after all. But hear me out as this is the greatest lesson by my parents for me. We are all aware of death. Yet, we tend to ignore it or deny it.

Once you acknowledge your mortality, you can start to appreciate your daily life truly. No more fear once you’ve accepted the inevitable. Anger, jealously and greed are all replaced by kindness and compassion.

Never forget your roots.

My parents have struggled a lot when they were young and married but they have never let me and my sister feel about anything. They have raised us well with good beliefs and always reminded us that there will be times when things will be difficult and nothing will go according to the plan and you will be surrounded by people who will not trust you and respect you but even in those times, you must respect them, value them. You should always be aware of who you are and never lose touch with your roots.

I am sure my experiences are not unique. We all have learnt so much from our parents and elders to become the person we are. I am really grateful to have my parents around me as I have learned many valuable lessons from them.