What Are The Reasons We Use Libraries & Frameworks In Web Development

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We have been using libraries and frameworks for a long time now. Obviously, for saving time. Obviously, for reusing the solutions to the problems that someone has already figured out.

I mean, there is no point in ‘reinventing the wheel’ again and again, right?

The goal of frameworks and libraries is to allow developers to focus on creating a unique feature for their web applications without wasting their time. The frameworks and libraries were designed specifically to assist you in improving the performance and efficiency of your web app development processes. They include intriguing features like templates, session management, and database access libraries.

Or perhaps, it’s better to spread out into 5 points.

Time Saving

Frameworks and libraries are very useful for saving time. You can save a lot of time by using frameworks. A feature or design which was supposed to take 5 hours normally, can be done in 30 minutes or less using a framework.

Reduced Effort

You can literally perform a lot of interesting things with ease. It might be creating a form, making a request, reading something, or formatting the date.


Most of the frameworks are highly flexible, be it any Python (like Django) or Java (like Spring boot) framework or any other library like Jackson. You can easily use those to build anything complex.

Mature Community

Most of the frameworks and libraries available have excellent community support and documentation, while most of them are open source. This increases the efficiency of any framework/library. This approach produces a large number of solutions to your issues.

Better Opportunities

Everyone out there makes use of frameworks and libraries. Whether you work for an organization or as a freelancer, the more you know, the more chances you will have. It is essential to understand frameworks and libraries. They are required for the modern web to operate! 

Frameworks and libraries provide you with a wide range of web app capabilities, resulting in a much less error-prone program.

In a nutshell, the framework facilitates prototyping, design, and implementation.

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