Celebrating Programmers’ Day With Loads Of Challenges And Goals

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Today is the 256th day of the year. It is celebrated as International Programmers’ Day. It is also officially recognised in Russia. The number 256 was chosen because it is the number of distinct values that can be represented with a byte, a value well known to programmers. 256 is also the highest power of two that is less than 365, the number of days in a common year.

This particular day was proposed by Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov, employees of Parallel Technologies, which was made official in 2009.

As a programmer, I’d like to participate in the #100DaysOfCode challenge because it would be a great way to learn new technologies, especially since I’m already learning more about Kubernetes and dabbling with Python.

The end goal is to be certified in Kubernetes and have a basic understanding of Python language so that I can easily create scripts.

Happy Programmer’s day!