5 AI-Based Unbelievable Websites & Tools That Are Too Good To Be True

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There were times when we had to practice and train ourselves for long hours to achieve perfection in certain things, such as editing a picture, drawing a portrait, writing a story or an article or even writing a code.

We still have to do the same to master the skills that we want to learn, but the landscape of doing things has changed. The computers do the training.

“In the simplest terms, AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can iteratively improve themselves based on the information they collect.”

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Here are 5 websites and tools that you might not have used but that can make your life a lot easier.

Big Speak

Website link: https://bigspeak.ai/

Big Speak is an incredible tool that allows you to generate realistic-sounding audio from text using a mix of machine learning algorithms. Just add your text prompt, and it will convert it to a downloadable audio format.

As a non-registered user, you can generate audio files from text up to 300 characters; if you log in to generate longer audio files, you can generate files up to 1000 characters.

The best part of this is that this tool is absolutely free.


Website link: https://www.movio.la/

Movio is a remarkable video generation platform powered by AI. You can choose an appropriate template, add text prompts, an avatar from a library of 100+ human-looking avatars, and even the language of your choice on the website before creating the video.

100s of avatars available with customizable options

The website is immensely powerful to create a full-fledged video for YouTube, Instagram, or even official business presentations.

To create a video, you would need credits if you are using a free plan. When you sign up, you get 50 credits, which you can use. There are subscription plans if you want to seriously consider this website for your video creation.

I have created a demo, and you can check out playing the above video.

There is an alternative website that lets you create realistic human-looking videos called synthesia.io, which I have mentioned before.


Website link: https://beta.tome.app/

Tome, or tome, is another brilliant AI-powered presentation creation tool. All you need to do is add a prompt, and the AI will create beautiful presentation slides that really stand out.

The images used in the slides are also AI-generated using OpenAI’s DALL-E. I entered the prompt as ‘Rise of artificial intelligence’ and it created this.

So if you want to ace your PowerPoint/presentation skills, this website can help you out.


Search engine link: https://you.com/

This is an AI search engine that does the same work that Google does, but better. When you search for something, it accurately finds you the result that you are looking for from various websites.

For example, when I search “regex for email,” it will find the best solution from sites like Stack Overflow and others.

Moreover, it has subsections such as YouCodeYouWrite, and YouImagine that help you with coding, writing blogs, or even generating images.

The best thing about this is that it will attach the site from which it is picking up the results, especially code, and hence there is no copyright infringement, unlike GitHub Copilot.

Whether the results are correct or not is up to the users, unlike chatbots based on ChatGPT are giving pretty inaccurate results.


Website link: https://fakeyou.com/

FakeYou is a deep-fake AI website that converts any text prompts to any character voices you want to convert. As of this writing, there are over 2800 character voices to choose from that can range from real-life celebrities such as Eminem, Queen Elizabeth, 2Pac, etc. to even movie characters such as Darth Vader, Captain Jack Sparrow, and so on.

I copied Eminem’s ‘Best Friend’ lyrics and converted them to 2Pac’s voice, and the results were astounding, though it converted only a portion of the lyrics. But it is pretty damn impressive.

2Pac rapping Eminem’s verse

I loved playing with the songs of these two of my favorite rappers of all time.

ChatGPT has its limitations

Recently, ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, was launched by OpenAI on November 30, 2022, and it amassed millions of users within a handful of days.

The chatbot is based on GPT (Generative Pre-Training Transformer), a language model that uses a transformer architecture and is trained using a large dataset of unstructured text.

Although there are hundreds of ways a user can use the chatbot, it definitely has two main flaws that are too big to ignore.

  • One potential flaw of GPT is that it is prone to generate biased or misleading output, especially when it is fed biased or misleading input.
  • Another potential flaw of GPT is that it can sometimes generate output that is nonsensical or unrelated to the input.

Since the chatbot is still in its nascent stages, it will improve with time.

Closing Thoughts

There are dozens of other websites that are created using AI, and I chose the best of them for now, all of which, if used right, can enhance your work. I will test more and share them with you all.

Since the launch of ChatGPT for the public, there has been a sense of excitement as well as panic. We all have to accept the reality that things are changing and that we all have to adapt quickly.

I didn’t want to mention ChatGPT, but it has become a huge, gigantic success over the past 3 weeks, and you have to give credit where credit is due. The work the OpenAI team has done is impeccable. I’ll certainly write a separate article on it.