I’ve Been Unable To Write After Coming Back From Vacation

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As always, when I woke up today and got started on my day, working on the new tasks assigned to me in the software development project I’ve been working on, I realized it had been 10 days since I published anything.

No matter how much work I have, I always try to write and publish my experiences, learnings, thoughts, or rants, just like a routine. Writing is therapeutic for me.

Until a few days ago, the habit of documenting and sharing online had become so compulsive that I started feeling stressed if I didn’t publish. As weird as it may sound, writing became stressful. In fact, coding, or reading became stressful, and then everything I did didn’t look fun.

I desperately needed a holiday, and when I had the chance, I grabbed it with both of my hands.

Since coming back from a much-needed vacation where I took break for a week, my heart has been full of gratitude.

This year hasn’t been easy for me, including the scary moments due to my dad’s health. I spent an hour chatting with my mom, reminiscing about all the moments our family faced throughout the year.

Well, for the past 2 days, I thought of writing about my experiences on the trip or completing an article that I have been working on for 3 weeks now that I have been feeling refreshed.

I was so wrong.

Actually, since I had taken the holiday, the tasks had already been assigned to me in the backlog, and once I joined the back office, I was expected to finish as soon as possible — though this is not mandatory. 

It’s just me who wanted to enjoy my Christmas and New Year’s week without having to think about an iota of work.

The best part? I don’t feel bad now about not being able to write or not completing a particular work.

For years, I have been feeling guilty of the things that I haven’t been able to achieve, even if I have tried my best. I’ve struggled with this for so long, but now, after the trip, I don’t feel any guilt or pressure about it. Honestly, it kind of feels liberating.

I just wish I could have taken a break earlier from all the chaos that had been happening all around me.