4 AI Websites For Images And Videos That Would Make Your Life A Lot Easier

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AI is everywhere. It is shaping the future of every industry as we know it in some shape or form.

The use cases for this technology are limitless and are already impacting lives around the world. Surely, there are tools and websites that use AI to predict weather, stock market patterns, and even the shopping trends of customers.

I mean, just look at the tools we already have for creating unique images to be used in content creation. Midjourney, DALL.E 2, and Stable Diffusion.

In this article, I will share 4 websites and tools that will make your life a lot easier.


Website link: https://www.photoroom.com/tools/remove-object-from-photo

Suppose you went on a holiday, and you spent most of the time with your family and friends enjoying the views, gorging on delicious cuisine, watching impeccable architecture, or enjoying nature. You took some pictures occasionally.

Now you want to share the images on social media, but the pictures you have taken have unwanted objects or people that you don’t want. This free website removes those unwanted people or objects and downloads the image without shrinking in quality.

PhotoRoom removes people and objects from the image like magic

I have tried removing people and objects, and both work as expected. There are several other websites and tools, such as Magic Eraser, that do the same thing, but for downloading the edited image, they charge a subscription.

PhotoRoom has a web app and a mobile app version as well. Here, you can do so much more if you are a social media content creator or selling your products on marketplaces such as Facebook or Instagram.

AI Image Enlarger

Website link: https://imglarger.com/

I was going through some old pictures saved in Google Photos and found one dating back to my high school days about 11 years ago. The image was pixelated because, back in those days, there were no digital cameras — at least I didn’t own one. If you know Photoshop, there are ways to enhance and upscale any image, but that is time-consuming.

This website uses AI to enhance and upscale any old image to a high-definition image in a matter of seconds. It enables you to download the image for free, but you have to create an account before, which is, of course, also free.

So if you have an old image, you should definitely give this website a try.


Website link: https://www.unscreen.com/

Probably my favourite tool on this list for the sheer fact that it just removes the background of any video, and you can replace it with another video or image. You can even insert a GIF into your video.

The only negative thing is that the video will be cropped to 10 seconds, and it will be in GIF format with a watermark if you are a free user. You need to subscribe to a PRO version that would retain the audio, enhance the quality, and have no watermark.


Website link: https://www.watermarkremover.io/

This is another useful website that uses AI to remove watermarks from images and lets you download them for free. It works spectacularly with images from all the paid sites.

With that said, use this site carefully since the images that have watermarks are not copyright-free, and when you purchase those images, you buy a license to use them.