Twitter Is Finally Getting A New Boss

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Well, the world’s favourite billionaire, Elon Musk, has declared that he is passing the CEO baton.

And of course, he did that in his typical Musk style — a cryptic tweet.

Though he has left us guessing by not naming the new boss, the buzz on the street is that it is Linda Yaccarino, an ad executive from NBC Universal. Well, guess what?

Linda did update her LinkedIn profile as CEO of Twitter.

Musk is switching hats to be the executive chair and chief technology officer.

However, one can definitely agree that Musk’s Twitter tenure has not been smooth at all.

As soon as he took over the platform, major advertisers took a pause, focusing on firing 80% of the workforce, and who can forget the blue-tick shenanigans?

A few months back, he conducted a poll asking if he should step down as Twitter CEO, to which the world responded, “Yes”. He promised the world then that he would resign as soon as he found someone capable enough to take over the platform.

Well, Elon may be a lot of things, but at least he kept his word here!

This news certainly pleased the investors, now that he will be back focusing on electric cars, space rockets, brain implants, solar roofs, and tunnelling machines.

Maybe managing the most influential social media platform takes more than just Elon’s genius.

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