5 N̶o̶t̶ Useful Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier

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It is one of those weeks when you have been incredibly busy throughout the week developing your code, and building it in Jenkins. Now while your code is being built, you might read blogs, do documentation, scroll your Instagram Reels, or play with your dog or cat.

But, what if, you already do these things, and you are bored.

Author’s Constant eye rolls due to boredom

There are actually websites where you can go and have fun. These sites might not necessarily prove useful, but I bet you will be amazed or even have a laugh about them.


Website link: https://www.geoguessr.com/

GeoGuessr is quite popular on social media, and you might have already come across it or be familiar with it. This is a game that allows you to guess the location of a place based on a picture. The game uses the Google Maps API using Google Street View.

It can definitely kill your boredom; instead, you get to explore places around the world from your bedroom (or any place you like).

Pointer Pointer

Website link: https://pointerpointer.com/

I am not going to lie. This website makes no sense. Even the mock-up image of the website I have attached might not make sense. But believe me when I say this: this is one of my favourite websites, where I tend to spend so much of my time-wasting to see what comes next.

Don’t believe me? Just visit this website, put the mouse pointer in any position on the screen, and see what image you get.


Website link: https://www.unrealperson.com/

Using this website, you can use the power of AI to generate images of a person’s face that do not exist in real life. The images are absolutely realistic, yet the person in the image is not real but AI-generated.

The faces are the result of AI-generated images, so you can be sure that this person does not exist. It is similar in functionality to a human brain when trying to remember and picture the girl or guy you saw last month. You don’t get the exact image in your head, but you get a very close one.

Wayback Machine

Website link: https://web.archive.org/

A trip down memory lane on the websites that you have been using or were using. If you ever wondered how Google or Amazon used to look in the 1990s, this is the website for you. This website allows you to explore the past of more than 818 billion web pages.

This website is run by The Internet Archive, a non-profit organization, and is completely dependent on donations.

Find the Invisible Cow

Website link: https://findtheinvisiblecow.com/

This is definitely one of the weirdest websites that I have come across, where you need to find the invisible cow based on the sound of “cow”. When you move your mouse cursor from one place on the screen to another, the volume of the cow might increase or decrease.