3 Things That I Am Doing Now For A Guilt-Free & Regret-Free Future

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Life throws you curveballs, you just have to believe in yourself and swing the damn bat.

I often question myself about whether the things that I am currently pursuing really make me happy. If the answer is slightly no, I would course-correct myself and do something else.

The goal is quite simple: live happy, learn skills, implement those skills, earn from them, and enjoy the time with loved ones.

I believe this goal is more or less universal for everyone in some way. I love to keep things (my tasks) simple, which are mostly achievable.

Here are a few of the things that I am doing to live a guilt-free and regret-free life.

Getting my Hands Dirty by Doing things

Honestly, I’ve lived my entire life not knowing myself and underestimating myself when I used to see others achieving things while questioning myself if I would be able to.

This thought itself was eating me up at one point, and I was so low on confidence.

Not anymore. I started doing things, not thinking about what would happen if I failed.

Started learning skills and implementing them. Failing in several things, but still learning from the mistakes and doing again with a better approach.

This has helped me learn coding, writing, business execution, and even public speaking. You just gain that kind of confidence by doing things again and again.

Experimentation on a Variety of Things

The sole reason for my happiness is due to this. Let me explain.

I love working for my company and developing software products after understanding the business requirements of the customers.

That itself is an incredible job, as I am faced with various challenges, and I consider myself not a software developer but a solution provider or problem solver. It makes me think like a scientist, even though I am not one (but have always wanted to be one).

However, I am still doing the things every day that my client wants me to do as they pay my bills. But sometimes, I want to do things on my own for my own benefit.

So I end up working for myself. I just started creating small apps for fun. I experiment a lot with new technologies to have a better understanding of them, technologies that are not even used at my workplace.

This makes me extremely happy, and I get to learn and discover things often in my experimentation time.

Fun fact: I started writing as an experiment, and it worked wonders for me.

Realizing that Health is the Ultimate Wealth

I know this is a no-brainer, but I was reckless and not at all paying enough attention to my health and body.

I was a big fan of Gary Vee, a successful entrepreneur and even more successful motivational speaker. He just inculcated and popularized the “hustle culture,” where he would shout and ask the youth not to chill but to work their butts off until they die to become insanely successful.

Nah, I don’t want that now. I have seen people, even healthier people, fall sick, and how. Just because they never took care of their body and diet.

I can recall the horror stories of people dying during the pandemic. I have lost people for the same reason.

Even my dad had a brain stroke (currently he is okay), due to stress and not keeping himself fit. Of course, there might be other factors, but you get the point.

Since the pandemic, I’ve been mindful about how I treat my body. I just wish everyone would take care of their health, as it is incredibly vital for living a quality life.

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