Google Finally Releases Gemini With Bard & It Is Better Than ChatGPT

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Google has been a pioneer for a lot of technologies over the past two decades. The company has been a leader in several domains, and they are not behind in the AI race.

It was common knowledge among the industry leaders that if someone could challenge OpenAI’s GPT 4, it would be Google. Many companies have spent billions to compete with OpenAI’s GPT models, but they failed.

Google has been working on an AI model for a long time. It was deemed to be more powerful and was touted to give a good fight to OpenAI.

Well, they did!

Gemini AI — The Most Powerful AI Model

The tech giant shocked the world with the release of their most capable AI model called Gemini AI on 6th December 2023. They announced on a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Posted by Google on X

The AI model, Gemini, comes in three sizes:

  • Gemini Ultra: Google’s largest and most capable model for highly complex tasks.
  • Gemini Pro: It is best for scaling across a wide range of tasks.
  • Gemini Nano: It is efficient and best for on-device tasks.

Google published a 62-page report, which you can read or download from here.

Gemini models Versus GPT models

Gemini’s performance on text benchmarks with external comparisons | page 7 from the report

Gemini Pro’s performance is comparable to GPT-3.5, and Gemini Ultra is said to outperform GPT-4. Nano-1 (1.8B parameters) and Nano-2 (3.25B parameters) are designed to run on-devices.

As reported by Google, Gemini Ultra outperforms current state-of-the-art results on 30 of the 32 widely used academic benchmarks.

Gemini Ultra defeats GPT-4 on capabilities

Gemini is multimodal, meaning it can handle text, code, images, sounds, and video. Google published a video illustrating the capabilities of this AI model.

The demo of Gemini published by Google

This demo of Gemini shocked the world.

I feel that Google has created ‘Jarvis’ from the Iron Man movies with the launch of Gemini, and the capabilities it has are both thrilling and exciting.

The AI Race just became Interesting

If the reports and the demos are to be believed, then the AI race to the top just became spicier. Until now, OpenAI’s GPT-4 was unbeatable, but that changed with the release of Gemini.

The fact that OpenAI can be challenged is a good thing. If there are competitions among these companies, then the winners are none other than the end consumers with the option to choose.

Google says the Gemini Ultra will be released early next year. For now, Gemini Pro has already been released in Bard. Other Google services will also be upgraded with the latest models soon. Pixel 8 Pro will be the first smartphone to get a Gemini Nano.

Gemini Ultra is the most anticipated AI model that I am bet that people around the world would be dying to test.

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