Being Kind To Yourself Should Be Your #1 Priority

Can you describe peace to me?

Would your description have maybe a tranquil, crystal-clear, beach with white-sand, or perhaps someone’s embrace where you feel the warmth and just the indescribable sense of lightness or maybe some sort of social setting, where we are a community embracing each other’s differences?

Now dig a little deeper. If I were to leave you in a room for maybe two-three days together, with no technology, no one to interact with, just you and your thoughts, how peaceful would that be? Don’t be so quick to answer. Think of your thoughts. How much of your thought would be filled with negativity, self-doubt and imbalance?

Why am I asking you all this? Because what we need is to find peace within ourselves. Irrespective of social settings, people, geography, unattached to aspects outside of myself, I want to find peace. Be it in an empty room or a chaotic scene, I want to be at peace with my thoughts, my emotions and my reality.

Because as I far as I see it, confrontations, disappointments, self-doubt, which all lead to the bigger problems our society and generations are filled with, all begin because we are constantly trying to suppress ourselves or prove ourselves for approval. So, today take some time off and be kind to yourself and learn to be at peace with yourself.

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