The Age Of Data-Driven Globalization

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It’s probably presumptuous of me to write about data-driven globalization. I’m not an expert. I have views and opinions but no data to support those, especially when it comes to abstract themes such as this. And yet I dare to write about the relevance of data especially for a world that’s increasingly becoming afflicted and influenced by the same patterns, same worries, same burning issues.

The year 2020 triggered the true start of this phenomenon called ‘virtual globalization’. Movies stopped releasing in theatres resulted in the rise of other OTT platforms in a market where Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are dominating and they are becoming successful. In the uncertainties kicked off by the pandemic, when everyone wonders if we would ever get back to the world we knew before now. The only certainty is this: ‘Data is the king’ and it will help us cope with the possibilities and impossibilities of 2021 and 2022.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

In many economies and nations where they dropped caution in favour of freedom, the cases have started to spiral again due to the new strain of the virus. People who were telling me till recently, “we can’t put our lives on hold because of this” and flouted rules and precautions are seeing their countries gripped by the same fears all over again. And this I can say, based on verified data. Hard facts. Numbers. Scientific answers are given by those who know what they are talking about. No assumptions here, only raw data. News is in my bones and so I go by that. So, will I put my life on hold, as we see virtual globalization grow? As we wait for the pandemic to reach its peak yet again, as we await the much-needed herd community and vaccine?

No. Life continues with its promise of engaging work, exciting collaborations, inspiring projects and delightful work. And there’s data in that too! I say this based on the number of people I see who are leading their lives with passion and purpose. And the virus won’t kill their spirit. We all have data to show that we need to remain cautious. But we also have data to show that we can live our lives.

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