Empathy Is All We Need In This Era Of Disruptive Technological Advancements

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As the world is getting smaller and closer with people more connected than before, empathy has become ever more important in our technologically driven world, and rightly so. As technology takes an increasingly central place in our day to day lives, the importance of human-centric designs, user experiences, and processes has become more critical.

To create with human-centricity as the core, it’s vital to have a complete understanding of the audience you are targeting and for this, we as individuals need empathy. Empathy is not from a significant moral standpoint, but also from a business view. Just as we need empathy towards our fellow humans, we also need to bring empathy to our audience’s needs and while creating products and delivering services.

With the scale of disruptive technology today and competition, customer expectations are at an all-time high. In this scenario, we often find ourselves cribbing about demanding customer needs and expectations. But what we need to understand before throwing in towel easily, is that they are selling their brand just as you are.

Well, why do you think Apple Inc. is so successful? Why do you think Tesla, Inc. is so successful? Both Steve Jobs and Elon Musk had the vision of their products and understood them before anyone else ever could. Moreover, they studied the customer expectations and their needs of the hour. They became successful in having empathy for their customers’ needs and expectations.

After all, being able to offer a substantial yet emotional connection with products and services, is what can truly set companies apart in a time of disruptive technology.

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