Rescue Your Dreams, No One’s Gonna Do It For You

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Nothing is as intrinsic to us as our dreams. Like everyone, I have big dreams. In fact, we all have big dreams, big enough to lose sight of the thing itself when we pursue them. As someone in my late 20s, I have taken on adulthood in all its glory, thanks to the many people around me who sometimes make me feel like a kid. But it has me taking on a defeatist position at times, like “life is like that”.

We’ve seen a few bright ideas like a decentralised currency like Bitcoin or electric-powered sports cars like Teslas turned into reality, have already been raking money for the investors. The success of Tesla or Bitcoin is a great accomplishment conceived in imagination. This is a hard path, to make imagination into reality. But with constant drive and purpose, it somehow becomes slightly palpable. They didn’t wait for favourable conditions to act. They just made it happen.

Henry Ford who developed the assembly line was mocked by critics saying that he will never replace horses with machines. His dream was to see cars on the streets. Impossible at that time. But now, step out into the street and what do you see? Go to any automobile factory and what do you see? Ford was asked if he went around to ask people what kind of transport people wanted.

No” was his reply and the next line is one of my favourites, “If I had asked what people wanted, they would have answered, a faster horse”. The dream of his became ‘the consumption dream’ of the whole world. He had glimpsed what no human had imagined… EUREKA!

Your dream is yours and yours alone. Unique to you. It is better to see your dream through your own eyes. Because only your mind can grasp the reality of that dream. If you abandoned your dream somewhere along the way, rescue it! The destiny of a human being depends on the size of his dreams, mine and yours! We dare to dream, and that’s what pushed us forward and that is what will push us forward. Look where you are sitting reading this right now. Use the opportunities given to you and make the most of it. If not, create opportunities. You are one step closer to that big dream. Remember that one day someone looked to the beautiful moonlit sky and imagined, “If I could just go to the moon”.