Why Being Bold In Decision Making Leads To Happiness

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We sometimes think that being bold is about just having ideas that are outside of the realm of the norm and just going through with it even though that our conscience assures us that it might not work in its entirety. Well, I have always been a big believer in objective thinking. I have been told as well as I can sometimes be detached from my personal feelings and give opinions that are just facts. I am hopeful that I am not the only one like this in the entire world.

I believe that the biggest determinant in my development was that I am honest with myself and that I surround myself with people that I trust who will always be honest with me about their opinions or views about myself and the things that I do, be it work or life. Honestly, this doesn’t come easily. It requires you to be bold mentally, to be able to take on opinions and views that you might not always like, to see it objectively and with an open mind. This comes with disciplining your mind, as humans often innately tend to overlook facts and instead subjectively focus on what brings fulfilment.

Everything begins with a thought. Be it ideas, concepts, or even your own goals in life. But you can’t just dive in and begin without thinking out what you want to do as the chances of succeeding without proper thought and planning are slim to none. Self-discipline begins with boldness. The boldness to master our thoughts. If we can’t control what we think, we definitely can’t control what we do.

Surround yourself with people that are honest in their thoughts and views about everything that you do. And discipline your mind to think outside of your personal feelings that view matters in a way that helps you grow more in life. At its core, the only race that matters is the one you are running in. Compete with yourself and don’t worry about others. In the end, it’s all about finding happiness in life for all of us.

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