7 Things To Focus On In Your 20’s To Be Successful

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When we were teenagers, we always used to crave things that the adults could do without giving anyone any explanation. When we enter our 20s, at first, we feel full of energy and sense endless possibilities of shaping up of our future, doing kinds of stuff like solo travel, skydiving, etc. and having the philosophy of ‘You only live once!’.

Then life hits hard to all of us. Your startup failed. You have your first major breakup. You already have a string of failures. But you also have an opportunity to start again.

There have been some lessons learned the hard way. These points have been useful to me in recent years and hopefully would help others.

Building financial foundations

Your 20’s is the time where you spend recklessly. Whenever there is a sale on Amazon, you end buying things you don’t need. Your 20’s is the time to build foundations. You need to lay the base for your financial future. Always try to save every month, invest if you can. Your older self will be thankful.

Commit less to amorous relationships, more on yourself

Well, this might be a polarized opinion. A lot of people are successful in their relationships and there is nothing wrong with that. But I would say everyone would agree with me when I say that you should know yourself well.

Committing to relationships that you know will fail, is not doing you nor the other person any favours. You must be honest with yourself. If your heart says no, let your mouth speak the truth too.

Work on your creativity

There’s a very popular quote by one of the greatest scientists who lived.

“Logic gets you from A to B,
imagination takes you everywhere.”

— Albert Einstein

To become successful, you need to be creative. There is no other way. Yes, you have a mediocre life like everyone but there would not be any point if you don’t stand out from the crowd. Creativity increases your value. It makes you unique. Invest in your uniqueness. Learn the traits, read more books and work on your creativity.

Focus more on meaning than money

You must have meaning in life. Meaning leads to purpose. Living with it makes you unstoppable. There is no denying that money is supremely important but if you only think about money, money owns you. Meaning, on the other hand, offers you calmness. The meaning will make money for you. Hence, it is absolutely important to focus on meaning and self-fulfilment.


What exercise is to your body, meditation is to your mind. They say, “He who is calm is in control.” The best and fastest way to a calm mind is through meditation. You must meditate, and become more mindful. It improves your awareness and intuition.

Use self-development mindfully

You must develop yourself, don’t just feed off the dopamine every time you read a motivational phrase. Learn to dig deeper. Unpeel your layers and connect with your core. Find your truth. Live it and start rebuilding from the ground up.

Create multiple streams

I believe most of us know this by now. You simply can’t rely on one income stream. There are a number of things you can like writing blogs, creating a YouTube channel, freelance photography, etc. that might give you an opportunity to earn. Creating multiple income streams multiplies your worth. And it’s not just about income, it’s about enjoying the flows of additional streams.

To be honest, we are very lucky when we compare ourselves to our forefathers. We have everything at your disposal. We can learn any skill using the internet. All we need is sheer determination and relentless passion to become successful which most of us lack. That’s the reason the percentage of successful people in the world are minimal.

We must never forget to dream and never stop till the dreams are fulfilled.

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