8 YouTube Channels That You Should Follow As A Python Developer

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When I started programming back in my school days, there were not many first programming language choices back then. In fact, we were asked to learn and practise either C++ or Java after C. This is not the case anymore. There are a plethora of programming languages to choose from, and Python has been one of the favourites of entry-level developers.

Python, though created in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, was not popular until the mid-2000s when Google adopted it as their official server-side language. Since then, it has become one of the most popular programming languages due to its wide variety of use cases such as artificial intelligence, web development, automation, etc.

Python has become the language of choice because it is user-friendly for beginners and has a simple syntax that mimics natural language, making it easy to read and understand. It also has a strong and active developer community that contributes to the language’s modules and libraries. It is also open-source, which means it is free to use and distribute, which is ideal for even small startups.

I have used Python in my projects at work and found it to be quite simple to learn. Another great thing about it is that a lot of YouTube channels have great content on Python, but there are way too many options to choose from. In no particular order, here are some of the top YouTube channels that, in my opinion, every Python developer must subscribe to.

Real Python

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/realpython
Subscribers: 139K

Dan Bader, an individual software engineer, author, and speaker, created the channel with the intention of teaching and training other Python enthusiasts, or “Pythonistas,” that go beyond the basics. 

From beginner-friendly courses to weekly podcasts and coverage of Python events, the channel has it all. You’ll also get helpful hints on a range of topics, such as how to create clearer and better Python code, how to promote yourself in the job market, how to establish a better career, practical programming advice, and much more.

Traversy Media

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/TraversyMedia
Subscribers: 1.74M

Traversy Media has been one of the most influential channels that have inspired other programming channels. Created by Brad Travery in 2009, the channel has become the de-facto for web development over the years. However, what makes this stand apart is the fact that it has a wide variety of tutorials and interesting videos on several technologies, including Python.

The videos on the channel have been appreciated by the viewers for Brad’s simplicity and teaching style. Apart from that, he creates full-featured crash courses on other different programming languages, frameworks, tools, and libraries. The channel also includes videos from Brad and other notable guest instructors, such as “Python Data Visualization With Bokeh”, “Build A Todo App”, “Python Django Crash Course” and “Build A Python Speech Assistant App”.


Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/sentdex
Subscribers: 1.09M

I mean, what can I say about Harrison Kinsley, who created this channel back in 2012? I think he is one of the few developers who create Python content for entry-level as well as experienced developers in Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Raspberry Pi, and even Robotics, among other technologies. He has a unique way of explaining topics, which I am sure every aspiring programmer would appreciate.


Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Freecodecamp
Subscribers: 4.85M

Whenever someone asks me about a platform where a programming course can be effectively learned, I frequently recommend freeCodeCamp, a non-profit organisation dedicated to making web development accessible to everyone for free. They also have a channel with amazing playlists, including Python, and you will definitely learn a lot from them.

Since the channel is open-source, several guest teachers come to teach for free on the channel. Since the channel is free of advertisements, I frequently refer to it as a “free Udemy” alternative. This is not the first time I am recommending this channel on articles.


Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/TokyoEdTech
Subscribers: 38.2K

One of the underrated channels on Python, TokyoEdTech, was created by a high school teacher, Christian Thompson, way back in 2011. His videos are beginner-friendly, where he develops applications using Python after covering the basics. Due to his teaching background, Christian knows how to explain topics in a way anyone can easily comprehend.

The best way to learn is to develop applications, and this is the same philosophy used by the creator, who creates different 2-dimensional games using Python and has separate playlists for beginners and experienced programmers.

Programming with Mosh

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/programmingwithmosh
Subscribers: 2.23M

Hands down, one of the best channels for teaching Python in an absolutely comprehensive way while still making it enjoyable. Mosh Hamedani, who created this channel in 2014 with the intention of “training professional software engineers that companies love to hire.

Mosh has a unique way of teaching any topic where he breaks it down to the simplest point to explain where and why a particular function or library should be. This is what makes his channel one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels. His videos are strongly recommended for both beginners and experienced programmers alike.

Corey Schafer

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Coreyms
Subscribers: 875K

Corey Schafer is another outstanding Python tutor that covers topics for all skill levels, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer. All from step-by-step installation to fundamental syntax and everything you need to get started with Python is covered in the channel. The course then moves on to apply those practical abilities to real-world practical assignments. As a Python programmer or developer, you will definitely enjoy Corey’s videos.

Python Engineer

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/PythonEngineer
Subscribers: 84.2K

It is probably the youngest channel on the list and my favourite channel. Patrick Loeber, created this channel in 2019, and in almost 2 years, the channel has grown rapidly to more than 80K subscribers (as of this writing) and it is increasing every day, all thanks to his videos where he creates practical applications using Python that definitely appeal to more and more aspiring Python enthusiasts.

Patrick is a software developer who loves working in machine learning, computer vision, and data science. He creates unique videos such as “Chat Bot With PyTorch”, “Teach AI To Play Snake!”, “Python Snake Game With Pygame”, and has complete playlists for Tensorflow 2, Advanced Python, and PyTorch. This channel will be a goldmine for any aspiring Python programmer.

Closing Thoughts

We are incredibly fortunate that we live in a world where information is free and readily available at your disposal. You can learn and share anything and everything using various platforms, and YouTube is one of them. The fact that YouTube as a platform is free is what gives us the power to learn any technology, including Python.

Python is currently one of the most popular programming languages. It is in high demand since it is used by all of the world’s leading firms. There is no better time to learn this programming language than using free platforms like YouTube.

I have listed some of the best channels that I follow. There are honourable mentions of some of the other incredible channels —Chris Hawkes, Clever Programmer, thenewboston, Anaconda, Inc., Tech With Tim, and NeuralNine. I hope this compilation might be useful for you and help you grow in your development career.

Note: The YouTube channels are not in any particular order, and the subscriber count may change by the time you are reading this.

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