How You Can Manage A Full-Time Job With Side Hustles Like A Pro

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I have been reading a lot of articles and watching a lot of YouTube videos lately where my favourite writers and creators leave their high-paying full-time jobs and focus completely on their passion projects or side hustles.

The question occurred to me when I saw the video of the popular YouTuber from the UK, Ali Abdaal, where he left his job as a full-time doctor to focus on his business and YouTube.

Ali Abdaal’s video, where he discusses his reflections as a doctor

Ali’s whole Youtube channel is based on him being a doctor and how he manages to do other side businesses without getting burned off. However, he explains in the video that he didn’t like some of the aspects of working as a doctor, whereas he truly enjoys working on his passion projects.

Howeverif I liked my full-time job and also wanted to pursue my side hustles alongside it, then what?

The corporate 9–5 job has been criticised and crucified mercilessly from time to time by successful writers and creators on various platforms.

However, only a few people discuss the need to have a safety net in place before going gung-ho into your passion. After all, a corporate job comes with a stable income and other benefits depending on the organization.

On the other hand, side hustles are also important in this unsteady economy in times like these. But people also don’t want to make their side hustle their primary source of income, as per the survey conducted by The Hustle.

Image of the survey of the readers of The Hustle

If you are like me who loves working in a full-time job and also, trying to work on side hustles, then you might find the below points useful.

Making a Strict Routine to Manage Time

Personally, I have been working on being extremely productive and all credit goes to my time management routine (*read Ali Abdaal’s routine*).

Despite having a full-time job from 10–7 (for me, it’s a 9-hour day job), I manage to dedicate enough time to blog writing, my main side hustle. As soon as I complete my day of work, I will sit down to research, read, or write articles, after taking a small break.

I also research some other side hustles, such as NFTs. For that, I use YouTube and Twitter to gain information or draw inspiration. I am always mindful of the time I spend on these apps so that I don’t waste unnecessary time.

I have created a to-do list using the Todoist extension, and I religiously try to complete it every single day. Having a routine immensely helps in managing time.

Work on the Side Hustle that You Love

The online world is extremely powerful. It gives you the power to learn almost anything. It also gives you way too many options. When you start, you will be flooded with dozens of suggestions from various videos and articles.

One of the best ways you can go about it is to start a side hustle and continue working on it. Give yourself a time period of, let’s say, 6 months. After the time period, if you feel a passion for the same, then continue working on it. If it’s the other way around, then look for a different option.

Unless you become an overnight sensation, chances are it might take a long time to monetize your passion. If you have already monetized your side-hustle, then you might earn peanuts in the beginning. Please don’t work on your side hustle only for money. If you do, you will be in for a hard-hitting disappointment.

Eventually, with your hard work, consistency, patience, and time, your side hustle will explode.

Consistency is the Key to Success

This is absolutely a no-brainer. Like everything in life, your side hustle also demands your attention on a consistent basis, at least in the initial stages. Sure, it might make you passive income eventually, but you have to work extremely hard to achieve that.

Being a software developer, I have even worked more than 14 hours as well like recently. Hence, naturally, it becomes impossible to work on such days. This is the reason I make goals for the week and I try to complete them within that time period.

Consistency is an absolute necessity to achieve success in any goal, and that includes your side hustle.

Closing Thoughts

There’s no denying that working a full-time job and then working on a side hustle is no small feat. I have always had the goal of having multiple sources of income, and that drives me. If your main job fails, you’ll have your side hustles to fall back on.

I am also not going to ignore the fact that I have failed at several side hustles, one being YouTube, and others being businesses. Hence, it is important to love your side hustle so much that even if you fail, at least you enjoy doing it.

Also, I love my full-time job as a software developer. I have always seen myself as a programmer, coding and developing apps or trying to find solutions to problems. Hence, there is no way I would hate my job, and hence, there is no question of me quitting it.

I am sure there might be people who love their full-time profession as a doctor, teacher, chef, bartender, or anything else who are also selling cakes, creating websites, ghostwriting for different companies, or even teaching online on YouTube for a side hustle. If you are one of them, I hope this piece makes sense to you.

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