6 Must-Have Chrome Extensions That Every Developer Wished They Knew Earlier

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There was a time when it would take days to communicate with someone who is at the other part of the world. For the latest news, we had to wait until the next day for the newspapers to arrive at our doorsteps. Everything changed when the world was introduced to the internet.

“The internet used to be about the internet. Now it’s about everything. And it affects everything.”

Ev Williams, Medium CEO

A browser extension is one such tool that enhances tasks or processes by adding valuable features and capabilities to your browser. We have all been using some extensions in some shape or form, such as Grammarly or Todoist.

Here’s an article where I have compiled a list of Chrome extensions that I find it useful that for development.

Check My Links

Extension link: Check My Links

Check My Links is a useful Chrome extension that goes through webpages looking for broken links. The extension instantly locates and validates all links on a web page. It simply indicates which ones are genuine and which ones are invalid. With a single click, you can copy all of the bad URLs to your clipboard.


Extension link: Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool for enhancing web app performance, quality, and accuracy. The extension audits a page by running it through a series of tests and then producing a report on how well the page performed. You may then use the failed tests to determine what you can do to enhance your app.


Extension link: BrowserStack

BrowserStack checks webpages in real time on every desktop or mobile browser. This plugin provides actual devices for testing rather than emulators or simulators. With a few clicks, it launches new test sessions on real browsers. Use the Chrome Extension to easily launch up to 12 browsers, switch between browsers, and spend less time on the overall testing process.


Extension link: Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is a useful plugin for discovering all of the underlying technologies used to build any website. You can find programming languages, CMS, databases, web services, content management, generators, server software, analytics tools, eCommerce platforms, plugins, widgets, JavaScript frameworks, and so on with a single click.


Extension link: Ghostery

Ghostery is a powerful plugin that disables all online advertising and terminates any trackers that are active on the site, hence improving performance. You can browse more quickly while maintaining your privacy.

JSON Viewer

Extension link: JSON Viewer

As a developer, dealing with JSON data can be difficult sometimes. The JSON Viewer extension beautifies and systematically structures the data to make it easy to work with.

Although there are hundreds of extensions, I use the above listed extensions frequently. These extension links would work in Chrome and other Chromium-based web browsers. I use both Chrome and Brave browsers. Of course, you might find the same or alternate tools for other browsers, like Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

Thank you for reading!