One Small Habit Changed The Way I Feel About Myself, Saving Me Money In The Process

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I have *not* always been a fitness freak throughout my life, but I have been in good shape for the last (also, the best) 12 years. I strongly believe in the equation where a good physique is directly proportional to a good personality. It always worked in my favor.

However, with the pandemic, everything changed in a way that no one, including me, could ever anticipate. In the initial months, the exercises and meditations continued, but then everything started getting monotonous.

I started to feel a lack of motivation and, hence, I started missing going to the gym. I started missing seeing people or interacting with them. This resulted in me losing myself to the temptations of uncontrolled eating of delicacies. And thanks to the lockdown, online food orders became a ritual.

18 months later, I had gained an additional 16 kilograms. I was devastated. The KFCs and the Dominos started making me feel sluggish. I knew I had to change my habits to put them on track. I was adamant about pushing through every task and goal I had the next day.

Cut to June 2022. I moved back to the city where my office is situated, and boom, I realized that my office threads don’t fit me anymore. I was also being noticed and questioned about my gains by familiar faces at the office, but not for the wrong reasons. It made me aware of the weight gain for sure.

It was enough motivation for me to break myself from the desperate urge of the wanna-do-something-about-it-but-from-tomorrow cycle.

I started working out at home religiously. But then, I still felt lazy. I asked myself, “Aren’t exercises supposed to energize our body and mind?

I started working out at home religiously. But then, I still felt lazy. I asked myself, “Aren’t exercises supposed to energize our body and mind?

“Stop eating from the outside. Stop ordering the god-damned food online.”

My inner voice while eating a bowlful of chocolate ice cream with blue-white-red sprinkles on it

I stopped eating outside. I challenged myself to eat only at home and to eat only healthy. However, I made coffee an exception since I needed some caffeine in my system while working. Eventually, I would eliminate that as well.

30 days later.

I have lost a good 6 kilograms while developing some lost muscles, although I definitely would love to trim down more. I feel extremely positive about everything and the lethargic feeling is completely eliminated.

One good habit leads to another. I saved a shitload of money in the process. I used to spend at least 20 to 25% of my salary on food from exquisite restaurants or food outlets such as Subways, KFCs, Dominos, etc.

The most important advantage is being able to sleep peacefully. I have been suffering from insomnia for years now. Although the issue still persists, the exercises and the food do help.

Lastly, the book, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, helped me during the process — I cannot recommend it enough if you haven’t read it.

I would not call myself the best version of myself. Not there yet. I strive to get there, though. I am a work in progress.

Thank you for reading!