This AI Tool Creates Viral, Motivational, But Cringy LinkedIn Posts

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The other day, I was researching on an article based on AI, when I came across a website that literally blew my mind on so many levels.

I actually questioned myself, “Who the heck in the world would create this?

I mean, we all know, at this point, that we can achieve almost anything using AI. But then, I found a website, Viral Post Generator, that generates highly motivational LinkedIn posts.

Snapshot of Viral Post Generator

Well, this website, created by Tom Orbach, uses an AI that was tasked with analysing more than 100,000 posts that had gone viral on LinkedIn. The website was launched on 15th August 2022. And you know what? You can create some of the most obnoxious posts that you can think of.

All you need to do is to fill in what you did today, include some inspirational advice and choose the cringe level using a slider.

This works, actually.

Here is what I entered, with the cringe level set as the lowest.

The AI generated the below result, and it is not quite bad.

When I retried, this time setting the cringe level to the highest, this is what I got.

Some of the results that this website generates are hilarious. However, you might find some posts quite plausible as being there on LinkedIn. I have definitely seen some bizarre posts on the platform. You can check some of them out on Twitter accounts, such as The State of LinkedIn and Crap On LinkedIn.

After almost two weeks of entertaining people, Orbach said on Thursday that Taplio, a Wyoming-based advertising firm that focuses on LinkedIn content, had acquired his website.

LinkedIn is a platform not only restricted to employers and job-seekers, but also to content creators, influencers, and many others. However, it is getting flooded with unnecessary motivational posts that seem extremely artificial.

LinkedIn is becoming the new Facebook, where people routinely share every minute detail of their lives by making it a tad-bit motivational.

So what are you waiting for? Create your first viral LinkedIn post. 🙂