Asking For Help In Your Workplace Makes You Better In Your Career

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Let’s say that you are working on your code and all the implementations that you planned to complete the task fail. No matter how much you try, you simply can’t get the solution to the problem. What will you do when you know that it’s already late and you need to commit and raise a pull request?

You ask for help. However, you have almost six years of experience. Your manager says that you should not aim for a career as an application developer, but instead aim for a solution provider. Hence, you feel embarrassed to ask for help after wasting 2 days of time. Also, in your head, the thought of getting dismissed or rejected would make you miserable.

Well, that’s what I used to think.

Throughout your development career, there would be a time, when your ideas and methods won’t work. And you can’t proceed ahead without asking for assistance. But then, how will you learn from others, if you don’t ask. After working in the software industry for almost 6 years, I have realized that one of the most effective ways to get better at programming is by asking and learning from others.

Explaining What You Have Already Tried

One of the best things you must do is to first ask in the online community and forums such as stack overflow, where you post your queries with your problem statement and explain where you are getting stuck and the desired solution you are expecting. The DEV community is one of the most helpful and engaging communities in the world. Everyone wants to help one another and share what they have learned, so chances are that you will get your solution.

If you still didn’t get the solution to your problem, then you must ask your peers, leads, or architects. You can also show them all the things you have already tried, including your posts in online forums, to narrow them down. This will help others to understand, think, and suggest a possible solution faster.

Asking Is Actually Learning

When stuck in a problem, try all your methods & then ask for help. After all, you don’t want to keep the problem for the last moment when there would be no time. I understand that we all want to be the best developer or programmer out there, learning as much as possible.

However, sometimes things won’t go as per the plan. Yes, we might have tried hundreds of ways. It is completely normal for us to get too caught up in the details and lose sight of the broader picture. That’s when you must ask for assistance.

Sometimes, your fellow peers or seniors will not be free. They might tell you to try out some of the other ideas, which you might have already tried. The idea is to have patience. Hence, understand that they have their own tasks that they need to finish before the deadline and, hence, just respect their time. Eventually, they will get back to you.

Understand The Task Before Working On The Solution

It happened to me so many times earlier that I started working on the implementation plan without actually realising the problem. When I got stuck, I discussed the problem with my technical lead when I understood that my approach was completely wrong, to begin with.

It is important to know about the task before you start working on your solution. That would save you time and a headache.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there should not be any shame in asking for help. In fact, when you get a chance, you must help others. This is true for anyone working in any field, in any walk of life. After all, we are human beings. We can be empathetic and vulnerable towards each other.

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